Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Easy range of products safe to use with a septic tank?

Yes, all products within the Easy range are safe to use with a septic tank

Will the Easy Sink & Pipe Unblocker unblock my toilet?

No, the product will not unblock a toilet, we do not have a product in our range that will unblock a toilet & would recommend contacting a plumber to rectify this

Do the Easy Trigger Sprays (Antibacterial/Kitchen/4in1/Bathroom/Window) meet BS EN 1276 or BS EN 13697?

The product(s) pass(es) EN1276 but have not been tested against EN13697

What are the 3 ingredients of the 3in1 LLD?

The 3in1 product contains cleaning, softening and Easy Iron agents

What is the difference between Bio & Non Bio Easy Laundry Powder/LLD?

Bio powders/lld contain enzymes that break down protein, starches, and fat that are often found in food stains, sweat and other common stains. Non bio powders/lld do not contain these enzymes.

Do we supply a measuring scoop for the Easy Washing Powders?

We do not supply measuring scoops for our Easy Washing Powders

Are the Easy range of products tested on animals?

Easy Cleaning Solutions Ltd is opposed to animal testing.

Easy Cleaning Solutions Ltd is committed to providing products that are safe for our employees, customers and consumers.

Easy Cleaning Solutions Ltd is committed to providing products that are fit for purpose and legally compliant.  Certain pieces of current legislation still require some animal testing to be conducted, so that hazard can be adequately assessed.

It is our policy to;

  • Not test our products on animals, either directly or indirectly.
  • Make use of alternatives to animal testing.
  • Use raw materials with a favourable safety profile.  However, it should be noted that chemical regulations do impose a firm legal requirement for some animal testing on raw materials.  Wherever  possible our raw material suppliers avoid animal testing and use alternatives.
  • Work with the regulatory authorities, either directly or via our trade associations, to help drive the development of validated non-animal tests and to amend legislation accordingly.